HL Professional skincare
HL offers a broad range of treatment solutions and professional skin care lines for the different skin types and aesthetic conditions.

An extensive variety of treatment solutions include professional skin care lines formulated especially for the different skin types, including products exclusively for professional use as well as complementary skin care formulations for daily at-home maintenance program.

A professional skin diagnostic helps determine the professional treatment and customize the home care program and it is essential in order to achieve concrete, long-lasting results, obtaining healthy, flawless, radiant skin.

Bespoke Rejuvenation Advanced Facial plus HL Peels  1hr 15min
The treatment is designed to renew, rejuvenate, rehabilitate and balance the skin complexion. Antiseptic conditioning is provided in order to deeply cleanse the pores and refresh the skin.  It involves consistent and gentle exfoliation, stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process and helps achieve visible, impressive results.

Acne treatment  1hr
The treatment cleans and purifies the pores, reduces comedones and inflammation and promotes healing of acne blemishes. It renews skin cells and improves post acne scarring.

Re new photo-ageing  treatment  1hr
The HL Re New Photo Ageing series is designed to delay the skin ageing process, to reduce wrinkles and increase moisture content. 

Signature Facial
A deep cleansing facial, suitable for normal, congested, combination and young skin types. Stream, extraction, high frequency and a pressure point massage.