Our Philosophy

Carron Smith - Owner

Temple Beauty St Albans, provide a unique range of clinical treatments and beauty services. As a team, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty, not manufacturing it. We aspire to achieve this for every client and with every consultation prior to treatment, our team of specialists are on hand to advise and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

At Temple Beauty clinic we offer advanced clinical and beauty treatments. Located within the St Albans Medical Centre, in a grade II listed building,  Temple Beauty clinic will be professional from the moment you arrive. But rather than our environment feeling clinical, our welcome is warm and natural and you will immediately be put at your ease. As the owner, I have real empathy that comes from my own rich life experience.

Our treatment rooms are upstairs, and they are as comfortable as can be, with just a little bit of fizz and glamour. Our treatments are very much tailored to each client. Some procedures are medical, and if you are interested in mole removal, stretch marks, warts, thread veins, have acne or a skin condition such as rosacea, this is definitely the place to come. Our consultations are relaxed and not at all rushed. Our appointment times are generous to ensure we answer all of your questions and pit you at your ease.

Temple Beauty offers more advanced beauty treatments such as microblading, skin peels, laser hair removal and dermal fillers administered by our immensely qualified surgeons Adrian and Orhan.

It’s quite a fine balance to offer such an exclusive range of aesthetic and specialist treatments in an environment that still feels as if you’re treating yourself to time out and something luxurious. Here at Temple Beauty clinic we have achieved this balance.

Our Promise

We are committed to provide a service built on trust and respect through honest assessment and expectation management. Clients leave Temple feeling happy and filled with renewed confidence in their appearance.

Come and see for yourself… It’s your body.