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Mole Removal

Expert Mole Removal
Moles are small, coloured spots which can pop up any where on the skin surface. They contain cells called melanocytes which gives the mole it’s pigmented appearance.

Moles are normally not a cause of concern and are usually a cosmetic issue for patients, if however, you have noticed changes in your mole (e.g. if you see it getting bigger, changing colour, bleeding, or having irregular borders) then it is very important to get it examined by a dermatologist who can determine whether it is cancerous and requires removal.

Same Day Mole Removal
Following the assessment of your mole, our aesthetic practitioner will advise you whether it requires removal or not. In 95% of cases we will remove your mole on the same day.

If you would like to book an appointment for a mole check or would like to get your mole removed please call our friendly team today on 01727 840111.