Laser Treatments

Many IPL lasers on the market are only hair management lasers that require multiple treatments, whilst the the Xeo Laser is one of the few lasers that have been approved for permanent hair removal by the FDA in America. The Xeo Laser’s unsurpassed results are due to it’s unique design which aims at the melanin in the hairs rather than the skin, minimising the risk of skin burning unlike an IPL Laser. The innovative cooling hand piece reduces the heat on the skin and makes the treatment comfortable.

The Cutera Xeo laser is a multifunctional laser suitable for all skin types with options to treat;

N;d yag permanent hair removal to treat dark hair and dark skin
At our clinic we use the Cutera Cool Glide ND YAG 1064 Laser technology which is the first laser to ever master treating all skin tones and sensitive skin. With this particular machine we are able to adjust the settings to any skin type. We understand that many Black women, Latino women, Indian women and Middle Eastern women with darker skin might be sceptical about laser hair removal as using the wrong laser can often cause burning or scarring; however our ND YAG is safe and FDA approved, so you have nothing to worry about. We have a high success rating when it comes to our Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin.

IPL for light hair and light skin

 Permanent hair reduction
Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after methods of removing your excess or unwanted hair.
Skin rejuvenation
Our Laser can be used on all skin types to eliminate old, damaged skin cells with fresh healthy skin. The treatment is safe & effective.

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