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AlumierMD Medical Grade Peels
 AlumierMD Medical Grade Peels AlumierMD products cannot be compared to skin care products sold in department store or chemists as these are often diluted and manufactured for general concerns. AlumierMD products combine a variety of medical-grade ingredients, including AHAs, BHAs, retinol, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides, as well as innovative new components. The concentrations of these ingredients are generally much higher than in drugstore brands, and work synergistically to improve skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, dry skin, hyperpigmentation and aging skin.
A chemical peel is a specialist treatment used to improve skin texture and tone. An acid is applied to skin to lower the pH, which loosens the connections between dead skin cells, inducing exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth. This process causes superficial layers of dead skin to peel off, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. Chemical peels can also thicken the epidermis, increase dermal volume and stimulate collagen.

Chemical peels are classified as light (superficial), medium, or deep, depending on the depth of penetration of the ingredients used. Light peels exfoliate to various levels of the epidermis. Medium-depth peels treat through the papillary dermis and deep peels to the mid-reticular dermis. Deeper peels require more downtime and increase the chance of side effects, which include photosensitivity, pigment changes and scarring.

We offer light- to medium-depth peels known for their excellent results and safety profile. We believe in repeated treatments for progressive and gradual results, and to avoid the side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels. Chemical peels should be performed by a trained skin care professional in a clinical setting so that they are delivered safely and effectively.

Chemical peels work by deeply exfoliating the surface layers of skin forcing your body to quickly replenish it with new cells. When peels are performed regularly, the skin gets used to this process and begins to rejuvenate itself like younger skin. To be sure that the body doesn’t react to this deep exfoliation as it would to trauma, which can lead to pigment changes, exfoliation must be introduced gradually giving the skin time to adjust.

Our therapists will create a personalised skin program that combines professional treatments with home care products since they work synergistically to improve the health and beauty of skin. Pre-treatment products precondition the skin, accelerate results and minimize complications. Post-treatment products minimize complications, heal and soothe the skin and then maintain the results. Professional treatments enhance the results of your home care products.

A luxury, relaxing facial using electrical pulses to energise and reactivate the skin’s deepest layers
Signature Facial
A deep cleansing facial, suitable for normal, congested, combination and young skin types. Stream, extraction, high frequency and a pressure point massage.

Derma Rollers
Automated micro needling treatment which can be used anywhere on the face and body, a natural skin regeneration therapy that triggers new collagen that can significantly improve the appearance of:

• Lines and wrinkles
• Sun damage
• Stretch marks
• Scars

Designed to polish and refine the skins layers, removing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots from the surface of the skin

Body contouring
Body contouring (Cryolipolysis) is a non-invasive procedure that gently and effectively removes fat from targeted areas of the body that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise. Patients can benefit from noticeable yet natural-looking results in their problem areas, providing an overall smoother body contour. Cryolipolysis is most effective in removing fat from the abdomen, love handles (flanks) and back. The process is also known as “Fat Freezing”.

The results of the Cryolipolysis procedure are achieved using the advanced Cryolipolysis Technology, which cools the targeted tissue to break down the fat cells for easy removal, without any harm to the surrounding tissue. Fat cells have been proven to be more vulnerable to cold than the surrounding tissue. This stimulates a natural fat removal process that continues for several months after the procedure.
Why Choose Body contouring Treatment?
Non invasive Fat Removal
Fast recovery and no downtime
Safe, quick, and painless
Sessions take only 45 minutes
Long-lasting results
Fat cells cannot return to the area
Clinically tested with accurate results

What Areas can be Treated with this Non-Surgical
Fat Removal Procedure?
Cold Lipolysis is the process of fat freezing (also referred as Cryolipolysis or freeze lipo ), which is used in freezing off your fat from localised areas, such as belly, abdomen, thighs, upper arms and the back.
Upper or lower abdomen – 1 Area
Upper or lower abdomen – 2 Areas
Hips – 2 Areas
Flanks or love handles – 2 Areas
Inner or outer thighs – 2 Areas
Bra or back rolls – 2 Areas
Upper arms – 2 Areas
Lower abdomen & hips – 3 Areas
Lower abdomen & flanks – 3 Areas
Inner & outer thighs – 4 Areas
Upper & lower abdomen, outer thighs – 4 Areas
Upper & lower abdomen, inner & outer thighs – 6 Areas

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